Welcome to Mark ('the forest rat') Whitney Fine Art.

I'm a fine art photographer, general art aficionado, and bad poetry writer and I like to write about it all at my blog. There you'll find examples of my photography which tends to be minimal and often black and white, my haiku inspired poetry by an alter ego of mine named Marko-san, irreverent art commentary from another ego, Rufus 'Three Fingers' McGurk, and maybe even some tech articles.

I used to have several WordPress.com blogs for all my stuff, but I couldn't keep track of them all and I could never find a theme that I liked. So I'm gradually bringing it all together in one WordPress.org site with a custom theme called 'McGurk' that I built myself.

You can see the dark side of McGurk on my blog and the default light color scheme at the McGurk theme demo site. But wait there's more! You can use McGurk on your own blog absolutely free. Just click on the link above or the one at the top of the demo site to download the theme file and enjoy.